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Rooms with bathroom, air-conditioning, water and electricity, closet, desk and chair, kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, microwave and basic supplies (dishes, glasses, cutlery)




Quartos com wc, ar condicionado, Água, luz, roupeiro, mesa de estudo e copa equipada com frigorifico e congelador, microondas e palamenta básica pratos, copos, talheres, etc.)


















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General Regulation Terms of Egas Moniz University Residence

The following information intends to define the General Regulation Terms of Egas Moniz University Residence, property of Egas Moniz – Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, CRL, located within its University Campus, afterwards designated as RUEM.

I. Tenants

  1. RUEM is exclusively for students of Egas Moniz, CRL.
  2. All tenants are required to comply with this regulation.
  3. The non-observance of this regulation will lead to a formal warning and, if the situation persists, it will lead to the exclusion of the defaulter.
  4. The tenant is liable for the good use of RUEM furniture and equipment, keeping it in good condition and reporting any damage that may occur. When identified, the responsibility of damage or malfunctions resulting from improper use lies with its author or, otherwise, with all tenants indistinctly.
  5. Under penalty of disciplinary proceedings and imposition of sanctions, tenants are not allowed:
  • To lend the RUEM card access to third persons;
  • To accommodate third persons, regardless of any circumstances;
  • To practice theft;
  • To make noise, namely keeping high level volume of TV sets or sound equipments that may disturb other tenants or, in any way, disturb the local silence during the resting period (11pm-8am);
  • To possess, consume, deal, stimulate the consumption or encourage the circulation of drugs within RUEM premises;
  • To consume and be recurrent in the excessive use of alcoholic drinks;
  • To break the rules established for the access of non-residents, in particular, the entry into RUEM's premises and rooms;
  • To produce improper acts in community life;
  • To disrespect or disregard anyone who lives, works or visits RUEM, namely through verbal or physical aggressions
  1. The following actions are strictly forbidden:
  • The access and/or the stay of animals in RUEM, except as provided by law (Decreto-Lei n.º 74/2007 de 27 de Março);
  • The possession of any kind of weapons, explosives or toxic substances, flammable or dangerous to health and safety of tenants and RUEM premises;
  • The possibility to start a fire, that is to say, to light candles, incense or any other similar objects, without surveillance, in all areas of RUEM.
  1. The following acts constitute grounds for the loss of the right of tenancy:
  • The loss of student status;
  • The lack of payment of the rent instalments or the systematic delay on its regularization;
  • Three written notices;
  • The use of drugs or narcotics, except those administered by prescription;
  • The possession, trafficking, incitement to consumption, or any other form of encouragement to the circulation of drugs on the premises;
  • The serious disturbance, on a continuous basis, of the normal functioning of RUEM.

II. Schedules

  1. On working days, RUEM entry is made through the interior of the Campus between 7am and 11pm, and the outer gate between 11pm and 7am, upon identification at the reception desk. On Sundays and holidays, it is always processed through the outer gate.
  2. Visits are allowed in the period between 9am and 10pm, in the common areas, upon mandatory presentation of an identification document to the security staff, while staying within the facilities.
  3. During the day, besides the tenant, it is only allowed the presence of his / her parents in the room.
  4. In the period between 11pm and 8am, absolute silence is required in all areas of RUEM.
  5. There is not a schedule for making noise, so that each tenant must keep a moderate noise level during the day, which enables a good study and / or socializing environment, while avoiding any noise during the night.

III. Rooms

  1. The equipment of each room is described in the inventory list pictured above, being excluded bed clothes and towels as well as any article not mentioned in the inventory list.
  2. Every two rooms have a common use regime, which includes a bathroom and toilet, a small kitchen equipped with upper and lower kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink, refrigerator and microwave, as well as basic crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils.
  3. The access to the room and the entrance hall is made by magnetic card, at the care and responsibility of the tenant. This magnetic card is non-transferable and the loss or misplacement involves the payment of a new card.
  4. For security reasons, the staff assigned to RUEM have master keys, with access to the rooms.
  5. On a weekly basis, room cleaning (floor of the room and bathroom) is provided in a day to be fixed, and it must be kept clean and tidy, with the bed made, the day appointed for cleaning up at 10am.
  6. After this hour, if the room is not tidy or if it is still occupied, the maintenance staff shall not clean the room on that week and the tenant will be charged to do so.
  7. Egas Moniz, CRL, is not liable for the disappearance, loss or theft of objects left in the room and declines any responsibility for any damage.
  8. In case of stealing, it should be immediately reported to the competent authorities.
  9. The tenant must respect the privacy and rights of colleagues, by inhibiting himself/herself to the practice of acts that may disturb them.
  10. The non-compliance with the term referred on nº. 9 may require the defaulter to change to another room of the same type or his / her exclusion from the RUEM.
  11. In conformity with the legislation in force (Lei n. º 37/2007 de 14 de Agosto), smoking is not allowed inside RUEM premises.

IV. Communal Areas

  1. The reception desk is continuously available, and all tenants should identify themselves as often as it is required by RUEM staff. It is also the place where correspondence is distributed.
  2. Parking places are dependent on the availability of space, and Egas Moniz, CRL is not responsible for any damage on the parked vehicles.
  3. After use, the kitchens, laundries and clothes line drying should be left tidy and clean.
  4. Washing machines and dryers are a paid service and will be activated by magnetic card. The users should supervise the operation of the machines and Egas Moniz, CRL is not responsible for any loses or damage of clothes.
  5. Waste should be contained in appropriate plastic bags, which can be deposited in waste bins between 6pm and 9pm.
  6. The swimming pool can be used in the period between 8am and 12pm, and Egas Moniz, CRL is not responsible for any accident or occurrence that may happen there.

V. Payment charges

  1. On signing the contract, the tenant shall pay the first instalment, corresponding to one-twelfth of annuity, as well as one deposit of equal amount. This deposit is returnable in full after the end of the contract, and it cannot be used to the payment of annuity instalments. On the other hand, it can be used on the payment of damage repairs.
  2. There are no discounts for holiday’s period.

VI. Final dispositions

  1. The cases not covered herein, shall be analysed, one at a time, by the Executive Board of Egas Moniz, CRL.